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  • Vitamin E Callus Cream


    Rub a little of this cream/salve to soften calluses and dry areas, after golf, baseball, gardening, etc. These oils will soften and moisturize even the roughest skin, as well as add a high dose of the antioxidant benefits of Vitamin E and C. Two choices available-unscented ( which is great on new tattoos) & peppermint spearmint scent.

    4 oz. jar - a little goes a long way. 


    Natural Ingredients: Wheat Germ, Organic Rice Bran, Vitamin E, Meadowfoam Seed, Organic walnut Oils (Vitamin C), and Beeswax. Scented has 100% pure peppermint & spearmint essential oils. Unscented has the same basic ingredients with no scent.

    Some information about the oils in this product:

    Rice Bran Oil-Thought to diminish the effects of aging and slow the formation of wrinkles due to the high concentrations of powerful antioxidant Vitamin E. When applied directly to the skin, many people comment on how great their skin appears. Absorbs quickly.

    Wheat Germ Oil--Rich in octacosanol—a potent source of energy prized by athletes. It is also rich in naturally occurring antioxidants including vitamin E and beta carotene. It has excellent skincare properties due to its good spread-ability.

    Meadowfoam Seed Oil--Composed of fatty acids with a remarkably high level of oxidative stability, making Meadowfoam Seed Oil is one of the most stable triglycerides known. Meadowfoam Seed oil provides good emolliency without being overly greasy. It is absorbed quickly and leaves a lighter feel than many other oils.

    Walnut Oil--is very high in Vitamin C, which is thought to aid in healing and the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines by supplying the skin with nutrients and vitamins.

    **While we list researched characteristics of our ingredients, we make no claim as to any health benefits, physical or emotional. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illness or disease.