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  • Rosemary Mint Hand & Body Lotion


    All Natural!
    The moisturizing ingredients in this lotion are packed full of essential fatty acids, which create soothing emollient properties for the skin. The blend of oils & butter give the lotion a non-greasy feel, while the rosemary infusion and fragrance leaves the skin feeling invigorated and refreshed.  

    8 oz. pump bottle

    Some of the many ingredient attributes are:

    * Argan Butter is a smooth blend of Argan Oil and vegetable oil. It is thought to contain high amounts of essential fatty acids, such as natural waxes, making it great in skin care.
    * Sesame Oil is considered to be an emollient. Counteracts the “oily” feel in some lotions. Provides a soft and silky feel.

    * Camelina Oil - Thought to be rich in essential fatty acids creating good emollient properties. High in Omega-3, typically found in fish oil. Camelina Oil is commonly called “Gold of Pleasure” due to its valuable use in cosmetic formulations!

    * Rosemary is a wonderful cosmetic additive because it contains iron and calcium and has a bright, clean smell. Rosemary Oleoresin Extract is a natural anti-oxidant.

    * Vitamin E & grapefruit seed extracts are powerful anti-oxidants.

    Ingedients: Distilled water, argan butter blend, 100% GMO Free Natural emulsifying wax, stearic acid, camelina, sesame & vitamin E oils, tapioca starch, grapefruit seed extract, rosemary olearesin & rosemary water hydrosol and 100% pure essential oils of rosemary & peppermint.

    *** While we list researched characteristics of our ingredients, we make no claim as to any health benefits, physical or emotional.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illness or disease.