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Raspberry Jam Body Butter


Yum, yum, yum -- The raspberry jam line is a delectable and moisturizing experience. You will be tempted to eat it----


Natural Ingredients: Shea & almond butter, meadowfoam, raspberry seed, and vitamin E oils, beetroot powder and tapioca starch. Fragrance added.


Natural Ingredients: Pink sea salt, raspberry seed, and coconut oils, poppy seeds and, beetroot powder. Fragrance added.

To use: Stir well. Take a small amount and rub in a circular motion over the skin. Rinse well. Always take care in the tub to prevent slipping. 

Of Interest:

Almond & shea butter are known to form a protective coating on the skin. Allow enough time to soak in. 

Almond Butter contains high amounts of essential fatty acids, such as natural waxes.  Shea butter's high vitamin and mineral content are known to benefit dry skin.