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  • Natural Deodorant's


    Wonderful aluminum and baking soda free handmade deodorant. Grapefruit essential oil added to many, as an antiseptic.

    Several scents to choose from:

    Grapefruit or Original- is mildly scented with Grapefruit essential oil. (close to unscented)

    Earth & Wood Blend - A favorite of Men and those liking a woodsy scent.

    Lavender -sweet floral, calming scent.

    Lemongrass - soft citrus - lemongrass is also an odor fighter.

    Soft Rose - the name speaks for itself.


    Natural Ingredients:

    * Original - Grapefruit- Organic coconut oil, cocoa and shea butters, organic beeswax, zinc oxide, fermented vegetable protein extract (helps break down odor causing compounds), 100% pure grapefruit essential oil. 

    * Earth & Wood Blend uses Original ingredients, except grapefruit, with essential oils of Australian sandalwood, cedar wood & sage.

    * Lavender uses Original ingredients, plus 100% pure lavender essential oil.

    * Lemongrass uses Original ingredients, except grapefruit, with 100% pure lemongrass essential oil.

    * Soft Rose - uses original ingredients, except grapefruit, and 100% pure rose essential oil.


    ** Ingredient Information/benefits:

    Coconut oil-moisturizing

    Shea butter-hydrating and nourishing

    Zinc Oxide-helps to keep you dry and helps with odor.

    Vegetable protein extract-(Saccharomyces) A water soluble liquid derived from the fermentation of vegetable feed stock. Saccharomyces is a family of fungi.  Different strains of saccharomyces are used to ferment beer and wine and even to raise bread (yeast is a strain of saccharomyces).  The saccharomyces ferment used in these deodorants contains live enzymes that help to break down odor-causing compounds. It's not much different from the bacteria and enzymes found in kefir and kimchi.