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Coconut French Vanilla (Exotic Argan II) Whipped Body Butter


Natural Base!

This whipped butter is full of moisturizing properties and the enticing scents of coconut & french vanilla. You will be tempted to eat it - but please don't - for external use only. One of our customers' favorites!

Natural Ingredients: Argan Butter Blend, Organic coconut oil, cocoa butter, fractionated coconut, Vitamin E., sweet almond oils, tapioca starch. Fragrance

Directions for use: Stir and apply a small amount to the skin allowing the product to melt and soak in. Store in a cool area.

* Due to the vanilla content in the fragrance, the color may darken slightly. This does not negatively affect the properties of the butter.

** We use no synthetic preservatives in this product, so to prevent introducing bacteria, keep the lid closed and water out.