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Calm Heart Aromatherapy Mister


Mist away stress and add balance & serenity with our All Natural Aromatherapy spray. Spray lightly around you in the car, at work, or use as a natural room air freshener. Purely made with only distilled water and the highest quality essential oils.

One 8ml. 

* Because we use nothing to blend the water & oils, please shake well each & every time used.  This will disburse the essential oil(s) evenly throughout the life of your spray.

Close your eyes & spray lightly above your head---breathe deeply & relax. Or for room freshener, mist 2-4 burst of spray into room. Avoid spraying on wood products, as oils may harm some finishes.

All Natural Ingredients: Distilled Water, 100% Pure Essential Oil(s) of Lavender (balancing, soothing, warming, uplifting), Coriander (numerous benefits to include disinfecting & detoxing), Geranium (warming & uplifting), Rose Absolute (warming & uplifting), Mandarin (soothing & uplifting), Bergamot (soothing & uplifting), Grapefruit (uplifting) & Ylang Ylang (soothing, warming & uplifting).