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  • Infused Face Toners


    All Natural! 

    Three wonderful toners to treat individual skin needs. 

    * Aloe & Rose Toner - Dry and Sensitive skin - Here's a  bright, fresh pick me up for the start of Spring. A simple toner with alcohol-free witch hazel as an astringent and aloe vera for soothing chapped or irritated skin. 

    Natural Ingredients: Alcohol-free witch hazel, rose water, aloe vera liquid infused with lavender.

    * Cucumber Toner - Oily skin - wonderful benefits of cucumber water and a little tea tree essential oil to aid in fighting oily skin.  

    Natural Ingredients: Alcohol-free witch hazel, cucumber essential water, and tea tree essential oil. 

    * Lavender Toner - Combination skin - incredible skin benefits of lavender are added to this blend for your skin.

    Natural Ingredients: Alcohol-free witch hazel, lavender essential water, and 100% pure lavender essential oil. 

    * To use, pour a little toner on a cotton ball and apply to face avoiding eye area.

    8 oz. flip-top bottle. Pumps provided if requested.